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Statement Letter

Yogyakarta, February 28, 2016

By this letter I state:


: Hendrikus Franz Josef, M.Si


: Librarian

Rank / Group

: Penata/ III c

Employee ID number

: 197508222005011009


: The Board of Library and Archive of Yogyakarta Special Region

States that this paper is my own work and does not contain plagiarism. Here is the results of anti plagiarism detection from www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker, is 100% unique, which means there is no element of plagiarism.

Thus I make this statement to be used properly.

Signed Author / Librarian

Hendrikus Franz Josef, M.Si

NIP. 197508222005011009


Digital libraries are libraries that create digital sources that originate from their own collections and make them accessible online for virtual users. Digital libraries are not aligned with the information Retrieval System because digital libraries include more media types, provide additional services and include other types of information biological cycles, from creation to use. Digital libraries are collections of electromechanical originals that provide direct or non-exclusive access to documented collection of documents systematically. The digital library means a collection of documents in electronic form that is organized, available both on the internet as well as CD-ROM. On the internet, the user of a digital library is enhanced with a wider connection. Digital libraries are a vehicle for managing knowledge or information in digital format that enables interactive user interfaces and supports life-long pedagogy, research and education. Digital library conceot has long been known in the library as a library of information technology fixing to the science library. In this paper, the author compares the concept of digital libraries and the hybrid library to avoid misconception and incomprehension of the two terms. Along with the development of digital libraries, a variety of terms seem to refer to the digital format sources of information such as e-books, and or

e-journals. The author proposes that the librarian organize, store and provide information to the user. Finally, the author emphasizes the important role of librarian in the era of digital library.



The development of information technology in the field of library better known as library automation has become a demand in line with the development of information technology and the demands of library users. Basically, the growth was more adalahperwujudan user disposition of the library to receive information more quickly and globally in order to streamline user activities. Therefore, when the library is not abandoned by the user, then the library should improve the skills of its services both in terms of human resources and infrastructure.

Information infrastructure of the condition is not enough support in Indonesia is now not a proposal to not or avoid the use of information technology to support the development work. By using the appropriate technology at the network level institutional and technical information actually be realized. As an example, Indonesia DLN has been shown to integrate the digital library from Aceh to Papua, although to the slowest racing partner. Adalahsalah digital library an aspect of the general work of library automation. There are a number of terms have to do with the growth of media in the library, which is a traditional library, hybrid library, digital libraries and virtual library. The term arose as a result of the entry into the world of library administration Information Technology.

Service is the most important in the library made. Because the library can observe the quality of service provided in the library before. The service in the library at this time is required to follow the development of information technology. Society is now dicecoki with the rapid technological advances, in particular the question of technology. Unfortunately, in a situation of rapid development of information technology, the library is not a primary residents of the area to obtain information. As an information center, a library should be able to follow the direction of the development of society if they do not want to be left out and forgotten. Libraries are no longer just a building that stores the news but the place has a variety of functions, you can even claim to be a secondary residence for visitors in the present and in the future. Basically, the library is bound to meet the needs of its people. Libraries that provide information will have the origin of human power or librarian who follow technological evolution gossip anyway before. As a result, here librarian is required in the present and will arrive valid information technology fully understood.

The development of technology topics that are affiliated with using the library is often claimed to use the digital library. Digital library is one of the alternatives that could be done to raise the library for library services. Because the digital system, the library can format yangg information provided original printed format in an electronic or digital format. This is the answer for users who want a yangg theme packaged briefly, solid and accurate. Ideally, each technology use the library to support information management for library collection.



A. The Concept and the Definition of Digital Library.

Now this advanced era, modern technology has more and grows fast as indefinitely. The world seems to stop the real limits of all aspects of life. The information needs of modern humans were growing and supported by easy access like today convenience use of the internet. But the flow of information now is synonymous with information garbage or garbage information that is actually does not work and unbeneficial but and seduces users to access, for example, distribution of pornographic sites and so on. Therefore the appearance of the library in a digital format now very function in minimizing the use of the waste sites. The addition also allows access to all users in the world who want to use ingredients or materials that are books The digital library was without me paths come the place. The World Digital Library of the World Digital Library (WDL) is digital library interstate managed by UNESCO and the Library of Congress belongs to the United States. This library was inaugurated on April 21, 2009 and is intended as a reference source of primary documents. Many urgent documents world can be accessed free of charge.

Develop the library's mission to develop a good understanding of nations and budgets, expand the variety and content of content on the internet, take basic lessons for teachers, scientists and fans often, As well as skills to strengthen partner institutions to reduce the digital divide is intra- or among nations. As goal for non-English document and non-western on the Internet to develop and help scientific research material delivery. In an interview with the magazine Nature, the director of the WDL, John van Oudenaren, reported that the majority of the younger generation in the world provided little information retrieval electronic media. WDL battle becomes the source of this information. In addition to the WDL even more efforts to encourage developing countries to track digitizing documentation and valuable historical documents they have.

Association of Research Libraries in 1995, describes the digital library, namely:

1. Digital Library is not a single entity. But instead of the top collections are created,

produced and managed in many tesebar locations but can be approximated as if is single


2. Digital libraries need technology (information and communication technology) to connect

not a few sources of information (libraries and information services);

3. Some digital library and information services are transparent to the end user;

4. The purpose of the digital library is universal access (libraries and information services);

5. The digital library is not limited to documents, but thrives on digital artifacts that can not

be served or distributed in print; .

Some other definitions, namely:

1. The digital library is a collection of managed information Along with its services, where information is stored in a digital format and accessible through the network. The crucial part of the definition is that the information is managed. [Arms, 2001: 2]

2. Digital library is an organization that provides Information sources, including expert staff to select, Compile, provide access, translate, disseminate, Maintaining unity and maintaining the continuity of the collection in digital format so that it is always available and easy to use by specific and determined communities. [Waters, 1998].

Much like the digital library submitted, which usually contains the features of the digital library, as follows:

1. Perform the functions of the library is a library that is a traditional institution or organization is an institution or organization;

2. To add to its services, technologist uses information and communication technology, especially the Internet. That is, there is no fully awakening digital library, without that a conventional organization and manual collection. Organized by more than one library.

3. Collecting library materials or resources that use unique features or local (local content) and access to digital spending each collection together. Having a web portal as a digital access desk. With the definition of a digital library above, To build support for a digital library, namely:

1. Computer

Computer needed to receive and process data to Information quickly and accurately. This computer equipment Used to store data book collection data members Libraries and OPAC (Online Public Catalog Accses). With OPAC, customer library can find information gathering Books they need without searching directly. The computer can also be connected to the Internet. Then after Has a digital collection, then we also need a computer that has a sufficiently high performance as a means to it Save and serve the users when accessing the collection.

2. Internet

One of the benefits of the internet for managing the library As a device for accessing multimedia information from the internet, As well as telecommunications and information distribution. Connection Internet can also be used to create a homepage Library that can be used to spread quickly And the necessary network connection informasi.Kecepatan intranet

(Local Services) or the Internet (Global Service) is a network of 100 Mbps is absolutely necessary for the intranet, and the Internet connection of at least 128 Kbps for internet service.

3. Software

In order to facilitate the presentation of information, special software requires the library services to support. There are several types of software often used in IT-based library, both offline and online (open source), under Athenaeum Light, Freelib, Senayan's Open Source Library Management System and WEBLIS.

With this software, the librarians will be greatly helped Library management, from the catalog, members' input register, OPAC, loan, repayment, information, and the layout of the collection book. Library manager did not have to disturb Barcode, because automatically, the barcode will appear when classify books.

B. The Development of Digital Library

When developing the library, it did not take any further consideration of whether the library will be fully processed into a digital library or the preservation of existing print products collections and the increase of sources of digital information. Libraries have a collection in print and digital format is also called the hybrid library (hybrid), rather than full digital library. Print collection was developed with the convenience of automation, while online digital collections. Briefly, as follows:

1. Digital Library: Full digital in form of Hybrid Library: Printed collections remain;

2. Conventional digital library reproduced Yag own automation: print collection

with terautomasi services;

3. Conventional Libraries: Print Collection with manual.cPada Libraries mostly in the world

have not changed one hundred percent in a digital library, but not least recites a hybrid

library or library with a collection of print and digital.

As we know in general libraries always:

1. Keep the purchase of library material in print;

2. Subscribe to the commercial database on the web;

3. Digitize existing collection (adding unit research);

4. Academics Request handed the collection in electronic form (CD);

5. Increase in transport of online services (full content services Articles);

6. Keeping an extensive library for library services to build a library of half-blooded or advanced, digitalization is required by a library. To this end, the library was at an early stage at the computerized library or crossover must begin to open a unity in the library, especially for the treatment of print cabinets nearby substance that already exist, such as: small student proposals, students last Project, the results of research professors, thesis, dissertation lecturer, paper presentations academics, proceedings, journals university.

With the digitization of the collections of the new collection and old collection container can be united with the same advanced and inseparable. No less important is to make the rules for the submission of academic society in the form of automated library materials, for example:

1. Thesis must be provided in the form of a CD or flash drive or by e-mail;

2. The last task in format cd / flash / email;

3. Submission of papers lecturer / student dalam digital format Journals published in

website classified archives collection;

Activities of the institution; Looking for sources of information on the internet to make a link, and so on. Libraries should also think of subscribing to databases and ebooks. Databases offered to the Indonesian health and medicine publisher among others ProQuest Medical

Library, EBSCO Medical Database, the American Chemical Society (ACS),

Science Direct Biomedicine, to support the development of digital libraries, is the role of the librarian is very important. Because librarians Who need to keep pace with the technology. Libraries can not only run existing programs, but the librarian must be involved in perancanngan system in the development of digital libraries. Libraries are expected to

understand what facilitates system retrieval of information in digital library system, and libraries work together with the digital library system design expert in Information Technology deeper understanding of information and communication technology. Pemeliharahan or preservation of digital collections, performed by librarians. For the continuation of the digital library, the librarian responsible for the field of digitization of collections must always be up-to-date information on the library's website. Do not have time for a hybrid library and digital library to have a website and there must be a librarian dealing exclusively with the webmaster's web site to get the latest information from the library; The height of the various.

Activities of the institution; Exploring the sources of information on the internet for the linked link, and so on. Libraries should also think of signing up for databases and ebooks. The database is not a small publisher offered to Indonesia for health and medicine among others are ProQuest Medical Library, EBSCO Medical Database, the American Chemical Society (ACS), Science Direct Medical Biology, with the aim of growing the digital library, the most important Role of libraries to support. Because pustakawanlah must follow the development of technology. Libraries can run not only existing programs, but try libraries involved in perancanngan system in the development of digital libraries. Librarists want to understand what the system can facilitate the search for information on a digital library system, and libraries digital library design of the system together with information technology experts to learn about information and communication technology. Conservation of digital collections, must be performed by the librarian. For the continuation of the digital library, the librarian responsible for digitizing the field collection does not allow rare moments to the information in the library web.


When this is no longer the era of ownership, but in the age of access. Just like when we have a database, you do not have the goods but have access. In the library, the company can also occur. We do not need to focus more on access to ownership, but on accessibility. So even the behavior of the library users who want access do not necessarily exist physically, but online. Especially with network technology, bypassing local and global computer networks (internet), access to databases and collections in digital form can be performed at any time and from any location. None of the library from other locations outside the library building, from outside the city and even from abroad. Considerable when collections around the world can be combined into one system, then the benefits will be very certain. Pengembanngan suggestions for the library service were opened from the librarian. Because librarians who do not understand the purpose of the carrier rarely understand adalahpustakawan can develop libraries of our time and develop. Libraries still have to learn and imitate the development of information and communication technology. For coaching, libraries need to be conducted. Pustakwan training knowledge about information technology increases. The development of library services can not be performed without the comforts that contributed to the digital library. Desired facilities such as computers, the Internet, digital services that support applications, and the ease of building an adequate


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