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Statement Letter

Yogyakarta, February 21, 2016

By this letter I state:


: Hendrikus Franz Josef, M.Si


: Librarian

Rank / Group

: Penata/ III c

Employee ID number

: 197508222005011009


: The Board of Library and Archive of Yogyakarta Special Region

States that this paper is my own work and does not contain plagiarism. Here is the results of anti plagiarism detection from www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker, is 100% unique, which means there is no element of plagiarism.

Thus I make this statement to be used properly.

Signed Author / Librarian

Hendrikus Franz Josef, M.Si

NIP. 197508222005011009


Interpersonal communication as a form of communication is one of the ways in the library service. Interpersonal communication is intended to invite or serve the members and the response all their grievances in a proper, effective and fun way. The librarian can greet the best solutions for the members and for positive feedback from customers as a result of sincerely and openly by officials. Libraries will meet with the many kinds of character and behavior. Having librarians and being able to apply interpersonal communication skills will give a positive impression to users, librarians can treat a person with special treatment, and others with others. So the application each user will be met. This paper describes how to improve the communication skills of librarians, so that they can easily undergo its activities.



A. Background

Librarian is a spearhead in librray. Librarian is committed to providing the best service to its users. If a librarian's services to his good, of course, will add to the positive image of the library and of course the librarian's profession. Conversely, if the unsatisfactory service in the library self-image and the librarian will exacerbate. This self-image is formed as a result of their experience in the interaction. In this case, the impression is gained when users deal with libraries can affect the self-image of libraries. In serving users, libraries will find a wide range of character and personality of the user. To deal with these librarians must develop interpersonal skills in communicating with the users. The goal is to provide superior service to the user's ability to effectively communicate inter personally and much needed by the human being to communicate so that he can undergo all activitiessmoothly. Especially when someone is in a formal situation, for example in the workplace. More importantly, when the work activity deals directly with others, where the majority of the activity interpersonal communication activities. Communicative skills for a librarian. Becoming a reliable librarian takes control of the library both the science and the development of communication with user skills, especially interpersonal communication. This will be an interesting discussion discussed deeper. This article will investigate communication skills that should be owned by librarians who influence the self-image of libraries in society.

B. The Importance of Communication Skills of Librarians

Attitude is the way a person accepts or denies something based on the way he or she judges a particular object that may or may not be appropriate for him / her5. Attitude too Can be interpreted tends to respond positively and negatively to a particular person, object or situation6. In other words, a person can develop the attitude as a result of a response to the attitude object. If the attitude object is not disuakai, it will give a negative answer and individuals will reach the point of staying away from the object. And vice versa, when the object posture is favored, the answer is positive and the individual approaches the object posture. While the behavior can be interpreted impulse that exists in humans, while the impulse that exists in humans is an attempt to meet the needs that must be met in humans.

Interpersonal communication also becomes interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is a face-to-face interaction between two or more persons in which the sender can deliver a message Direct and Receiver of the aircraft can receive and respond directly directly.8 Another opinion says interpersonal

communication is the communication between people face-to-face, roomates Allows that each participant to strike the reaction of others directly, verbally or nonverbal9 Lay. Meanwhile According to Onong Uchjana, interpersonal communication is a persona communication with face-to-face dialogue while looking at each other so it happened that personal contact. Thus, some sense of interpersonal communication shows that the characteristics of interpersonal communication occur between two people who make a clear relationship face to face, the interactive character berinteraksi where the actors can communicate with each other.




A. Funtion of Communication Skill Ability for Librarian

The purpose of interpersonal communication includes five case, that is:

A. To learn more about yourself, about others, even Over the world b. To relate to others and to build Relationship.

C. To influence the attitude and behavior of others. In this case, communication is aimed at influencing or overcoming others have attitudes, opinions or behaviors that fit our purposes.

D. For entertainment or to calm yourself and,

F. To help others. From the purpose of interpersonal communication above, the importance of the role of interpersonal communication in our lives. Interpersonal communication can be viewed from two perspectives, namely: 1. The perspectives for Humanistics: include openness, supportive behavior, positive behavior, empathy and equality. The explanation of the five things above are as follows: a). Openness is that interpersonal communication will be effective if there is a desire to open to the other person, the desire to respond honestly to the message delivered by our speaker, the desire to realize that feelings and thoughts are communicated during the communication process Takes place is ours alone. b). Supportive behavior: Interpersonal communication will be effective in ensuring a favorable climate. Nuance support is created if the communication process is descriptive and non-evaluation, as well as more flexible and non-rigid. So in the process of delivering messages using the words or sentences descriptive and not judging, then it appears that every perpetrator. Communication is willing to what the other person and even change the idea that it is necessary to listen. c). Positive behavior is in effective interpersonal communication communicators must show a positive attitude and appreciate the existence of others as an important person. d). Empathy is to feel what others feel without losing their own identity. Through empathy one can understand both emotionally and intellectually what ever experienced by others. Empathy has to be expressed so that the other person we know that we berempatipadanya, so as to improve the effectiveness of communication. e). Equality is the acceptance and approval of others the interlocutors. One has to realize that everyone is valuable and has something of interest that can be given to others. Equality in interpersonal communication must be reflected in the process of changing the role of the speaker and listener.

2. The perspectives of pragmatism include: an attitude of trust, togetherness, interaction management, expressive behavior and orientation on the lain.Perspekstif pragmatic focus on certain behaviors that should be used by perpetrators of interpersonal communication as a speaker and As a listener if you want to be effective. The approach can be done is: a). An attitude of trust meant the perpetrators of interpersonal communication must have confidence in social. A person with a confident attitude will communicate to relax, not stiff and can control the movements of his body, not shaking or embarrassing. b). Together, solidarity between speaker and listener. Togetherness showed attention to attention, please, and interested in speaking. Opponents demonstrated both verbal and non verbal. C). Interaction Management monitor the ability to meet the interactions for both sides of communicators. This can be demonstrated by managing your turn to speak, the smoothness of the conversations and messages consistent. d). Expressive behavior is making real ability to be involved in the communication process. Included in responsibility for what has been presented and thoughtful, encouraging discussion partners to openly defend, and provide the necessary feedback. e). Orientation on others is the ability to adapt to other people during the interpersonal communication process. This also applies to attention and interest in conversations from other people.

B. How To Improve Communication Skills of Llibrarians

Communicative skills even play an important part in improving the quality of service. One of the criteria required libraries are library users who have good communication skills and mature personality to build positive relationships with others. One who believes that communication was easier due to innate, evidence is often kesalahpamahaman when we can not communicate well. Therein lies the importance of studying communication, including the libraries.

During the period of the beginning of the head of the library, the post of head of the library was never occupied by the librarian. Most of these positions are filled by acting as a structural jump to get different structural positions. These kinds of things worsen the image of librarians. For that, librarians and supported by government policies must come together to build and improve the image of librarians in Indonesia. While with regard to communication made by libraries, libraries are considered to be jutek, stiff, closed and tend to engage in their own activities. It is understandable if the librarian is busy with their own activities being seen, it is because librarians tend to get stuck in endless technical activities. The work pressure

and work environment sometimes make it more stressful and more temperate. Often we see user schold and dicueki by librarians. This gives a negative impression on the image of libraries and a library. The negative image of librarians is often embedded in the minds of the public and can damage the strategies that were built. For those measures that can be offered to build a positive image of librarians we need to. Things that can be done are: a). Improving Performance: It's important because the image is determined by performance. So to get a good picture of librarians The first thing you need to do is to improve the image. b). Increasing the ability to communicate: Librarians need training in connection with the procedures for communicating, for example, is a training presentation, speaking in public. For example, the execution of these activities can be performed once every 3 months. With training, speaking in public, libraries are expected to continue to increase communication.

The ability to communicate in this regard interpersonal communication is very important for libraries, because the librarian jobs that have direct contact with the user. Librarian skills in performing effective interpersonal communication will determine the success of librarians in their task. While permaslahan happens often, the difference in how to communicate between librarians is itself. The different ways of communicating libraries can be influenced by a number of things, namely attitude and behavior. In addition, the librarian's quality is also determined by various factors, namely the educational background that will determine the skills, personality, and ability to communicate. According to De Vito, libraries must have the interpersonal skills of effective communication in the form of:

a). Disclosure: Librarian at the service of the user must be open and honest. Often we find libraries impressed by the user. They are more busy with his routine so impressed that librarians are closed. To overcome the librarian must be able to establish a good pattern with user.Communication communication as between librarians and users to establish a mutual open-ended. In such situations among communicators (librarians and users) will create the openness of feelings and thoughts, and each party is responsible for what it radiates.

b). Supportive Behavior: Librarian in this case must be able to create a comfortable atmosphere for the user. Libraries also need to show an interesting attitude that supports usernya to communicate with him. Often we find that in the library, the user sometimes feels very uncomfortable to stay in the library because they are constantly being monitored by the librarian. In addition, we often face the writings in the form of ban distributed in the library. An example of this is the prohibition confirmed at the entrance of the library, such as wearing a jacket and

bags forbidden, forbidden to bring food more. Such a prohibition is highly not communicative and produces a negative image of libraries and libraries. Actually, a ban that is in the library can be communicated in a language that is positive and impressed as, Thank you for not bringing food in the library, Thank you for not smoking in the library and the like.

c). Positive Behavior: When users of airport librarians need to start communication with users with a positive attitude and behavior. As an example is a welcome give, say good morning and so on. Libraries should put the user as an important person to be treated properly. The thing that can do is to greet the user with words that kind of courtesy with a sweet smile. This makes the user feel valued and instead they will also enjoy the professional libraries as reliable. Friendly attitude appears from his librarian when serving this will promote a positive impression.

d). Empathy: The librarian must be able to feel what is seen by the user without losing their identity. An example is when a user who is hard to use a diary used as a reference for university assignments. While the magazine is very difficult to obtain, but the task has to be collected in the near future. To do this, the librarian has to live in what is experienced by the user. Things to do is to help users quickly find the magazine in question and try to provide information terbaik.Pustakawan must feel that the magazine's information is needed by the user.

e). Similarity: The agreement is meant to be oriented to how a librarian and meghargai users, users themselves, see regardless of which social class, occupation, education or appearance. This means that users are responsible for respecting users without any conditions. All users seek information that should be in proportion so that they are satisfied with the service information provided. Things to notice in this regard is not to librarians all the users feel. The librarian must be able to position himself as an official, where in providing services that do not patronize users. Libraries need a cooperative attitude with their guidance, which shows that librarians can help them without demonstrating stupidness

f). Attitude sure: Librarian in serving the users must have sufficient confidence. Often we see that libraries sometimes shy away from showing the existence of themselves as a librarian. Factors that affect these diverse self-esteems, such as librarian occupation are still considered single-eye, librarian salaries are still in the low category compared to other professions, and people are still not familiar with the librarian. From this it can be seen that the librarians have no confidence in their profession than is the consequence is increasingly counted on the librarian calling and despising by the people. Along with the development of technology and current information, it is time for librarians to adapt by developing competences in both hard skills related to technical, social skills and skills in information technology. It's time

for the existence itself that librarian librarian is intelligent, managing his work well and being able to communicate well with users. To make the sign libraries that tend to shy and closed can be very difficult to change. But it can be overcome by practice and sustainable business. It will convince the public that the librarian is a reliable person to solve all problems when users need information.

g). Cohesion: Librarian in this case must be able to show an interest in user problems. Librarians also show more attention and pleasure in helping users. Things can be done by showing the librarian anxiety and a sense of its importance to express non-verbal messages, such as giving a sincere smile, a friendly gaze and body-friendly gesture. If a librarian is able to do that, the user will be more excited to bring their complaints and ask the librarian relevant information that he needs when visiting the library. So users have that embarrassment and who are reluctant to ask the librarian will be less inclined to ask the librarian.

h). Interaction Management: The process of communication that takes place between librarians and users sometimes takes imbalance. For that, librarians must be able to effectively manage the process of continuous communication between the librarian with the user. Libraries can create a cozy atmosphere that makes the conversation between them flexible. If the conversation goes well then it is certain that the users are able to be clearly expressed what he needs, and the librarian was well understood. Things that need attention are not to dominate the conversation librarian, As far as possible, he must be able to put himself. But in this interaction management friendly librarian can be adapted to the condition. when

Users tend to be passive when he needs to be able to lure the questions so that what is needed by the user can be transferred properly.

i). Expressive behavior: in serving the librarian, the attitude he was interested in to the subject of the ongoing discussions should be demonstrated. This interest rate must be demonstrated by the attitude of the body and enthusiastic style of communication. Librarists also pay attention to what was said by the user. Forms can be executed venues relate to facts giving feedback or right and positive feedback to the user. Librarians are also responsible for what is presented and thought out, and must be able to be melayni users willing to ask about existing library collections .


Librarian is the main profession in the library service. Currently, the social vision of the librarian's profession remains negative. Librarian considered old-fashioned, unfriendly and impressed and rarely communicated with the user. The views were as if a librarian would appeal if an occupation was underestimated. For that, librarians should be able to show the existence of themselves. One way to acknowledge librarian menunjukka is to improve communication skills. Excellent communication skills should be owned by the librarian in this regard. Communicative skills are a very important factor for the librarian's activity always with the user, so libraries must have effective communication skills. The ephemeral communication skills are included: openness, positive behavior supporting behavior, empathy, equality, self-assured attitude, togetherness, interaction management and expressive behavior. With effective communicative skills owned by the librarian must be able to build a positive self-image of librarians as well as improve the quality of library services


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