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Librarian in the Global Village Community

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Librarian in the Global Village Community


Hendrikus Franz Josef, M.Si

Regional Library and Archive Office of Yogyakarta Special Region



The internet is an incredible phenomenon. Starting from an experimental US army, the internet has become a "necessity" for more than tens of millions of people worldwide. Thisis a consequence of the cheaper cost of information and communication technology and the
availability of easy-to-use software. Moreover, of course, because the involvement of the
interests of major companies in the development of these technologies. A large number of
Internet users and growing are already realizing the habit of working with the Internet. The
Internet also has a major influence on library science. By using the search engine Google,
users have easy access to the Internet on a variety of information worldwide. So, with the ease of availability of researchers, staff and other users who can use the
library, documentation and books as reference material. The availability of this type is
increasingly used by all researchers who previously do not have full access to cutting-edge
publications in their field. The phenomenon will dominate the role of libraries Library users
will be increasingly dependent on the Internet with a number of propositions such as cost,
availability and rate of acquisition. Even at a certain level, the dependence on digital material
may be higher than on printed materials. Therefore, the paradigm that a library offers only
digital information in particular is not in print. Based on the background it is necessary to
develop the digital library information system in the form of a library site, Online Public
Access Catalog (OPAC) web-based. Based on the evolution and growth in demand that the
way the library strategy utilizes the internet

Part I


Progress is happening, the present age requires that people rarely participate in using the facilities as a result of the civilization. The use is closely linked to the application of the clients. Globalization and the most intrusive information around the world to the extent that one country or region is no longer distant. An event in a region or country can be known today. As Marshall McLuhan claimed that the world is described as a global village or global village, because it's the information in one place is easy to reach with other regions in the world. Assisted in the development of information technology in line with the development of human progress. Developments in information technology are the development of information technology such as hardware, software, data storage technologies (storage), and communications. 2 technological developments in information technology not only affect business but also other areas such as health, education, government, and others.

Based on Richard E. Rubin's testimony that there are some terms and as aeflection of the rapid development and growth of information technology at the moment of the present, namely the first place of information explosion (an explosion of information), the It is very clear that the civilization of this information technology exists so quickly in seconds, many kinds of information technology innovation arise. Secondly, the flood of information information overload) it is when we witness the current age can be said or symbolized. information floods, in the sense that it was a positively dominant hand but on the other hand gave rise to a Disaster for those unwilling to accept. Third, bombarded with information (bombardment of information) the goods must be present when a bomb explodes. Fourth, Information overload, this case was not separated from the fast flow of information regarding information above public level for informative purposes. Therefore, according to the statement of the use of information technology that was characterized by the rapid flow of information in the twenty-first century, every nation is working on mental preparation and anticipation of the growth of the times you are witnessing here. Then he says there are five key features of this century, namely the first, we are now looking at the explosion of information without borders; second, increasingly, moral values have been brought to society that you can see three in Increasingly seen inefficiency of humanity through-nation modern nation. Fourthly, the tendency of modern man to glorify or worship science and technology. And fifth, the tendency of life still materialistic.

The five most important features of this when we witness today have begun erasing and actually exist. The concrete example is the use of he internet is felt the explosion in the community, especially the people of Indonesia. This presence on the Internet is one of the most positive consequences for the world of business, office, education, research and so on, because in the Internet tax Various types of information fit well with the needs of the user
about the economy, education and so on. For example, a person who digs business
information in the business world. So with that it may be mentioned that the Internet
is the storage center of science because it contains so many disciplines. While the negative side the internet is not unusually misused for example to access things that pornography and the like. So, there is a saying that the internet is the gardens of scinces paradise, because many contain useful information for the carrier. But on the other hand, the Internet is also negative resources too , because it contains many things that have a negative. feature and lead to a pornographer sinning. In addition to the above, internet presence will certainly shift the position of libraries information providers, although the accuracy of information on the internet needs to be studied further. For this reason, the author wanted to make internet positions in the context of the library as an information provider.

The meaning of internet is interconnected networks for assembly of computer network. Anumber of sets of resources. The Internet can be interpreted as a large computer network and environment around the world, while computer users in a country or region will be well connected to other users in the region and in other parts of the world. At the beginning of September 1969, successful transfer of documents between two computers in California, both within a few meters by phone, began when these businesses was carried out with the convenience of a computer network. Computer networking multiple computers interlinked using a cable in one location, for example in an office or building. It is seen as the birth of the internet network, previously he became an idea in the trial ministry of defense said that the United States, as part of the border attack program, and even the idea with a network that no headquarters are still appropriate For the purpose of serving in the military field and then developing has evolved continuously to reach millions of computers in the world, which are then considered to be the most important discoveries of the twentieth century. Internet history has emerged from the US federal government that makes the Net as a communication network that could withstand many attacks from Russia.

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in July 1968 to Bolt Beranek and Newman, a company computer design in Cambridge UMass to ARPANET network that computers at the Research Institute of Stanford UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah, who then began to do Would sign in 1969 by connecting four host computers with a high bandwidth of 50 kbps (kilo bits per second). The network then coincides with the growth of technology and switching protocol Later in 1984 DNS (Domain Name System) as a technique for identifying an organ or institution that manages the host. When in 1986 the National Science Foundation made NFSNET connect regional networking only through a high-speed national backbone that is 56 kbps. In 1988 Rober Moris successfully launched an Internet worm that is a kind of virus program that can be copied on the Internet, so it can overload the hosts on the Internet. When in 1991 Gopher was introduced by Paul Lindner and Mark P. McCabill of the University of Minnesota. In addition, in 1993 the NSF InterNIC enforced the duty to take the Internet service. Even so far hundreds of millions of people around the world have used the internet.

Part II

Internet as Global Village

It's a natural becoming two sides, positive there positive side and there is alsonegative side. Tt also with the presence of the internet now, can get a result for the positive user and can also to negative impacts, dependent perspective of the internet users. If the internet used for positive ourpose and it is certainly positive and lead to a result for the bearer and vice versa. As a part of the world community, An online presence most important rollers. But on the other hand, but giving up on the benefits, It also has the Internet Wise Assortment to the Life of the people, as a consequence of both positives and negative Impact. But It's a presence on the Internet it is inevitable, namely, existence of the Internet is indeed on one side. But for the multiple purposes is a "Force People" dying do not obey to accept.

Understand that the transformation technology provides significant consequences for knowledge. In addition to this thing, met the presence of information technology, can the leek access to the information. Also, the presence of this information technology is able to facilitate the process of disseminating information. When was zoomed through the influence will there be two commonly oriented things namely the positive and negative. It means positive effect consequences as one of nature advocate advantage plus of one for the bearer. While the negative common afffects have no amage to benefit for the bearer and the bearer can and even harm others themselves. Internet development in Indonesia is already well advanced from access to many areas of the Internet, ranging from Education to Entertainment. The direct Internet dominant effect to the Indonesian people. Internet negative influence also a result of behavior of people's habits on the use of the internet.

Speaking in the context of internet libraries in other words howyou look at civilization information technology, such as the internet can be applied inlibrary or how the library looks atthe perspective of internet information. This presence ofthe internet is new inovation , because both ofthe library or the internet areimportant for informing information seekers. This presence onthe internet brings something new to the library. theinternet producedigital library or virtual library. These three terms are familiar with us and helped enrich your vocabulary. Advantages digital library is not only experienced by the carrier, but also the libraries will enjoy how digital library is. There are several benefits of this digital library, namely: 1. users can enjoy digital library services anytime and anyhere via the internet or computers; 2. Does not require a lot of costs; 3. Easeof Access; and 4. Collection storage is safer than storing it in ordinary library.


Internet and World Wide Web are very powerful and bringing changes not only in librarianship but also in his daily professional activities librarians have been spurred by technological developments to become more efficient organizers , indexers , abstractors, archives , in addition to assuming new roles such as, intermediary, facilitator, end-user trainer/educator , web organizer & designed, researcher, interface designer, knowledge manager/professional and sifter of information resources . While the librarian plays many roles in an organization, it is difficult to identify a role as primary one as the same changes in / of time-to-time depending on the organizational objectives and requirements. In an organization, though librarians began training end-users to perform their own searches, the demand for searches by information professionals has / had not decreased .

End-users having been trained and having performed some of their own searches became aware of the complexities of searching , the limitations of some of the resources and of the searching process especially on World Wide Web. So, a more educated user who continues to perform simple searches for / of his own behalf, returns to the librarian or information specialist to perform the more complex searches . The effect on librarians has been an increase in workload because the searches are more complex and the amount of time per search has increased. Hence , there will always be a role in / of / as the search intermediary. Stems and actual user with the purpose to transform interactively requests for information to query formulations that suit the retrieval components of one or several information technology systems, to model and support the actual user as to his information need and underlying goals, and to provide information of potential value to that user from information technology systems ". Traditionally a human intermediary is a librarian or an information specialist. An information technology system includes text-presentations, classification and indexing systems, and information technologytechniques in catalogues and databases or other information sources. However, research in this field is directed towards implementing non-human intermediary functions of online information technology systems through user interfaces and system sett. In addition to more efficient and more effective searches by librarians , research has determined that a single librarian or information professional can save the equivalent amount of time of three , or four , or even five end-users . In other words librarians are three , or four , or five times more efficient and more effective than end-users are at performing their own information searching activities This , probably , is the most important point to remember , because it is why librarians will continue to play a role in the newly emerging digital information world. So, those searches which are not straightforward will always tend to be delegated to an intermediary for querying and providing packaged answer, drawing on a range of resources like print , online bibliographic databases , Internet and Web documents. In India , the availability of infrastructure for exploiting the . Web fully like high speed Internet connectivity, However , the lack of the same is not a damper to the enthusiast of young library & information science professionals. They have the idea and vision of what the Web can do and means to them.


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