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The internet is an incredible phenomenon. Starting from an experimental US army, the internet has become a "necessity" for more than tens of millions of people worldwide. This is a consequence of the cheaper cost of information and communication technology and the availability of easy-to-use software. Moreover, of course, because the involvement of the interests of major companies in the development of these technologies. A large number of Internet users and growing are already realizing the habit of working with the Internet. The Internet also has a major influence on library science. By using the search engine Google, users have easy access to the Internet on a variety of information worldwide. So, with the ease of availability of researchers, staff and other users who can use the library, documentation and books as reference material. The availability of this type is increasingly used by all researchers who previously do not have full access to cutting-edge publications in their field. The phenomenon will dominate the role of libraries Library users will be increasingly dependent on the Internet with a number of propositions such as cost, availability and rate of acquisition. Even at a certain level, the dependence on digital material may be higher than on printed materials. Therefore, the paradigm that a library offers only digital information in particular is not in print. Based on the background it is necessary to develop the digital library information system in the form of a library site, Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) web-based. Based on the evolution and growth in demand that the way the library strategy utilizes the internet.

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